a coaching/mentorship circle with Heather Plett

A supportive space for those on the verge of doing something new and brave. Hosted and mentored by Heather Plett, author of The Art of Holding Space and Where Tenderness Lives. 

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You’re on the precipice of something scary, exciting, radical, meaningful, transformative and probably life-changing. You’ve been hovering at the edge of this possibility and, though you might have tried to ignore whatever’s been tugging at you, you know it’s probably time to take a step into the unknown. You just don’t know how yet. 

Fear and reason are trying to convince you not to do it.

Perhaps you’re launching a business you’ve long dreamed of? Considering quitting a job that no longer fits? Contemplating a big move across the country or into an off-grid cabin in the woods? Writing a book? Making radical changes to your lifestyle that are hard for your family to understand? Ending a long term relationship, or coming out of the closet? Starting a non-profit organization, launching an activism campaign, or creating a community garden? Learning to tell the truth about yourself in a way that causes discomfort for people who love you? 

Hi! I’m Heather, and I have done a lot of the things listed above. I’ve launched businesses, ended a long-term marriage, traveled all over the world and then moved across the country alone, learned to use power tools, come out of the closet, and published two books (full of vulnerable truth-telling). I know how scary and unsettling every one of those leaps can be. I know how lonely it can feel to be contemplating something that few people around you understand or would consider doing.


I also know the power of community, and the value of meaningful support. I know how much more doable scary things can feel when there is a small circle of like-hearted people coming alongside you and offering encouragement, guidance, support, playfulness, and meaningful questions. And I know how beautiful and joyful life can be on the other side.

Remarkable things can happen when people dare to live authentic, purposeful and connected lives.

To support you in this moment, when it might be your time to do the brave thing, I’m launching a new online coaching/mentorship circle.

I’m convening a small circle of people (maximum of six) who are all in similar moments in their lives – people who know they are stronger and brave when they are in community, supporting each other in leaping into the unknown in a way that’s values-based and rooted in integrity.

Courage grows in circles.

Here’s what you can expect from this circle:

  • We’ll meet weekly on Zoom for 16 weeks. Each call will be 90 minutes long. We’ll use The Circle Way as a guiding practice for how we gather.
  • For the first two weeks, we’ll have sharing circles where we get to know each other and explore the brave things each person is considering doing. These calls will be supported by journal prompts and practices that you’ll be invited to do in advance of each call.
  • For the next twelve weeks, for approximately one hour of each call, one person will be the coachee-of-the-week and we’ll all contribute to a group coaching session in support of that person. There will be two rounds of these, so each person will get at least two opportunities to be the coachee-of-the-week.
  • As the coachee-of-the-week, you’ll bring your inquiry, big idea, or stuck-point to the group, let us know what would be of most support to you (i.e. questions, encouragement, advice, brainstorming, etc.), and then we’ll do our best to offer what you need. 
  • Nearly every week (even when you’re not coachee-of-the-week), you’ll leave the call with journal prompts, somatic practices, nature-based practices, and/or recommended resources to support you in your quest. (Often the questions that are asked of others are exactly what you need to hear too.)
  • For the last two calls, we’ll focus on integration, commitment, next steps, storytelling, and… last but not least… CELEBRATION!
  • To support your quest, you will have access to PDF copies of two of the personal development tools I’ve created, Pathfinder Journal and The Spiral Path. Both are full of journal prompts as well as creative and somatic practices meant to support personal quests.
  • We’ll start out on Mighty Networks as an initial gathering place (where the resources will be housed), and, depending on the wishes of the participants, may create a chat space (on WhatsApp or equivalent) where we can share questions, celebrations, and encouragement between calls.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to establish “circle-buddy” relationships, where they convene separate one-on-one conversations with someone in the circle who might be doing a similar brave thing.
  • Although my commitment as your mentor and guide will end after 16 weeks, the group will have the option to continue as a self-directed mastermind.

In an AI-informed world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know what’s real and what’s fake.
THIS CIRCLE will be a place where you get to be REAL.
We’ll talk about doing brave things, but you get to show up scared, resistant, disappointed, frustrated, giddy, unsettled, lonely, excited, and… you know… HUMAN!

Kay Vogt – circle

“My work with Heather has been extremely powerful for me. As a professional doing something similar to what she does, it takes a lot to impress me. I am very grateful for her mentoring. She has been a coach’s coach for me.”  – Dr. Kay Vogt, coaching client

As your circle host and mentor, I promise to:

– Hold the space with compassion, care, courage, and integrity.
– Offer wisdom, guidance, mentorship, and stories from my experience and expertise.
– Contribute meaningful questions, encouragement, and challenges during group coaching sessions.
– Offer personalized encouragement and tenderness when it’s needed most.
– Ensure that boundaries are respected, that we build a compassionate consent culture, and that we do our best to balance “safe space” with “brave space”.
– Provide journal prompts, somatic practices, nature-based practices, etc. to support your quest.
– Respond to any concerns raised on a timely basis and find ways to address those concerns if necessary.
– Celebrate your successes, cheerlead your progress, and invite in playfulness and joy.
– Be available for one-on-one coaching (at an additional cost) for those who request it.

Learn more about my coaching practice and philosophy.

For this to work well and to be of most benefit to all who participate, it is my intention to bring together people who are self-aware, self-reflective and self-directed, and who also have the capacity to hold space well for other people. Ideally, these are people who do their best to stay off the victim triangle and to function in the empowerment dynamic, who aren’t afraid of doing deep personal work, who take responsibility for their own baggage and biases, and who function well in a well-held relational space. It may also be of benefit to bring together people at similar levels of personal development and/or with somewhat similar intentions and purposes for what they wish to get out of the circle. Priority may be given to those who’ve completed at least one of our programs at the Centre for Holding Space.

To that end, there will be an application process, followed by a possible one-on-one exploratory call with me to determine whether this circle will be a good fit individually and collectively. 

“I attended both the Holding Space for Yourself, and Holding Space for Others retreats at Linwood House in BC, and am forever altered by the experience. Heather is a master space holder who was constantly demonstrating what she was teaching at all times. The classes gave me tools to better care for myself and others through the implementation of exercises and wise counsel. Heather has a gentle way of encouraging participation and sharing that allows you to learn not only from her, but from the other participants as we all have life experiences and talents worthy of sharing. I walked away from this soul-expanding experience with a warmth in my heart and new life-long friends. I would highly recommend a class with Heather!” – Michelle Dieger

Note: Depending on the number of applicants, I may separate applicants into two groups, based on the primary “brave thing” they identify. For example, one may focus more on career/calling brave things (i.e. starting a business, launching a non-profit, etc.) and the other may focus more on big life changes (i.e. ending a relationship, deconstructing beliefs, etc.).

I am excited about what can emerge when a small circle of people come together to support each other and to nurture the growth of six beautiful possibilities!

The program will run from June 19 to October 9, 2024. (With an extra week of cushion built in, in case there’s a week that needs to be changed due to my teaching schedule.)

The tentative weekly call time is Wednesday, 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. CDT (7:00 – 8:30 p.m. GMT).
(**Participants will have input into the final time for the call, depending on the time zones represented. If there is a second group, it will likely also be on Wednesdays, at another time. Participants will be notified as soon as we’ve finalized the group(s).)

The cost of this program is $2000 CAD (approx. $1,457.34 USD). You may pay in full or in four $500 CAD installments.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to reach out through our contact page, or at [email protected]. Or book a free exploratory conversation with me. 

A note about ethics:  Since the coaching and self-help industries are unregulated, and we believe that clients should  have a right to expect safe and ethical spaces where practitioners are held accountable for their actions, we have signed on to the Seek Safely promise. We are committed to a practice that is  truthful, accurate, respectful,  protective, safe, and guided by integrity.  


“Heather Plett is a gentle, caring soul with the capacity to support and hold space while you navigate your journey (both personal and professional) to a better self. Information is shared in a healing manner that feels more soothing than educational yet it’s so full of impact, that you know you are forever changed by the experience.” – Abby Mosher, Founder/Executive Director, Tomorrow’s Rainbow, Inc.