Please excuse us – we are currently in
the liminal space of developing our website.

Did you know that in order for a caterpillar to fulfill its destiny as a butterfly, it must first surrender to, and pass through, the liminal space of the chrysalis phase? Though we’ve never cut one open, we’re told that inside the chrysalis is a gel-like substance that resembles neither caterpillar nor butterfly. It’s liminal:  empty, void, expectant. It’s complex: both pleasant and claustrophobic, comforting and frightening. It’s dark and enclosed, but also warm and secure. 

This is where we’re at developing the Centre for Holding Space website – in the primordial goo of transforming from one thing into something that’s going to be beautiful!

Stay tuned! Our wings are forming!

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The vision for Centre for Holding Space (CFHS) is declared and the name is claimed.

The CFHS visual identity comes into full expansive form.

The CFHS entity is officially established in Canada.

The website content is being carefully crafted and thoughtfully written.

A new version of the CFHS Practitioner Certification Program is being developed and refined.

CFHS’s website imagery is being carefully curated and co-created.

The online Centre and website will be built for ease-of-use and for expansion over time.

A sparkly new online home for CFHS is being lovingly created as an inclusive space for meaningful conversations, deep connection, and personal and collective growth.