Holding Space
Path to Certification Overview

We believe that holding space is one of the
most critical capacities for the world we live in.

The world has been and continues to be a complex place. Navigating relationships in an ever changing, information-saturated, high-speed, uncertain, increasingly online world is challenging, to say the very least. And, in and amongst very real, systemic, health, political, climate, and other global concerns, our real lives still need tending to – parenting, careers, friendships, ageing, dying, grief, and joy.

We need people who’ve grown their capacity to sit with discomfort, uncertainty, grief, and change. We need people who know how to hold space.

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How to Hold Space

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The Holding Space Path to Certification includes a multi-level foundation program that will teach you the basics of How to Hold Space. Should you choose to continue, you may enroll in the Certification Program, which will allow you a structured, supportive environment in which to put into practice your learning – including discovering what you uniquely bring to the ever-evolving concept of Holding Space.

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In this 2-8 month program (depending on what level you register for), you’ll learn all about how to hold space for others, for yourself, for groups, for complexity, and for one-on-one relationships. It’s a unique, online experience in which you’ll not only have access to lots of exceptional content (workbooks, videos, books recommendations, etc.), you’ll become part of a community of learners from all over the world. We meet weekly via Zoom (with multiple call offerings to accommodate different time zones), and course participants are encouraged to deepen their connections through one-on-one calls and in an online community space.

This program is broken into five different learning levels consisting of some or all of five unique modules. You may choose the learning level you are ready to commit to and may move to the next learning level as you go.

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Once you’ve completed the How to Hold Space Foundation Program, you’ll have the option of becoming a Certified Holding Space Practitioner. Building on what you’ve learned in the Foundation Program, you’ll take a deeper dive into the work of holding space, through practice, self-reflection, and conversation. The group size for the Certification Program will be much smaller than the Foundation Program, creating the opportunity for an intimate learning community and lots of access to the mentorship team. Each Certification candidate will develop a unique practicum that will provide them with lived experience in the art of holding space. Along with self-reflection, they’ll receive peer- mentorship as well as the guidance of our team.

“Thoughtful and thought provoking content – great for both novice or very experienced practitioners – with a wide range of applications – workplaces, boards, teams, community groups, faith groups, advocacy groups, and intentional groups seeking to deepen their awareness. The modules were filled with insights, powerful models, and story. The program is designed to hold space for learning in multiple and multi-faceted ways – written or recorded lessons, thought provoking questions, additional resources – videos, websites, book references, participation in weekly conversations, one-on-one time access with the program facilitators, recorded class discussions available to review and the support and expectation that you have a buddy (or more than one buddy) to explore your understanding and application of the concepts. Of the many gifts from this program, the most unexpected was the power of the community of people from around the world that was cultivated through our weekly calls. It started with invitations to show up, and then to tell the brave truth, and ended with knowing we’d created on the internet a loving, accepting, and engaging community, more committed at the end of the program than we were in the beginning.”

– Marion Langford