Holding Space in Times of
Disruption & Overwhelm


“The deepest things that you need are not elsewhere. They are here and now in that circle of your soul.”
– John O’Donhue

Has your life been disrupted lately?

Sometimes it feels like the world is crumbling around you. Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary day, a disruption happens that rocks the foundation of your world.

It might be death, divorce, job loss, betrayal, conflict, failure, a diagnosis of an illness, a child moving out, or a global pandemic.

And sometimes those disruptions come one on top of another and you barely have enough time to catch your breath before you have to face another one.

Disruption happens to all of us (and sometimes we choose it), and when it comes, it can leave us feeling paralyzed, overwhelmed, isolated and lost (even if it’s a choice).

This course will help you understand disruption better.

In this self-study course, designed especially for these complex times when, for many of us, there seems to be a new disruption every week, Heather Plett will support you in deepening your capacity to hold space for yourself and others in the midst of disruption and overwhelm.

In a series of seven videos, each accompanied by exercises and journal prompts, she’ll help you understand how your unmet needs are triggered when there’s a disruption, how your nervous system does its best to support you in the disruption, and how you can choose a more healthy response rooted in self-love and community care. She’ll also talk about how the disruption can serve as an invitation into more intentional and authentic living, how you can protect and nurture yourself within your relationships during a disruption, and how to hold space for others and ask for it to be held for you.

This course will help you understand your needs.

In this program, Heather offers brand new material that was developed after her book was published, which hasn’t been seen in any of her teachings before now. Some of it has emerged this past year, during the pandemic, when Heather found herself having to dig deep for her inner resources, when life got more complex than ever and the disruptions in the lives of herself and her daughters threatened to drown her with their intensity and persistence. Some of those new concepts include Our Primary Needs and the Four-part Pause that helps us respond instead of react.

Two of the “tried and true” concepts you’ll learn about (which were developed for Heather’s workshops and book) will be the Spiral of Authenticity© and Psychic Membranes©.

The Spiral of Authenticity© helps us understand how we move from the early developmental stages of our lives (when we sacrificed our identities in our quest for safety and belonging) into a deepening authenticity where we dare to live with more open hearts. This teaching was inspired by her many years of walking labyrinths all over the world and reflecting on how they invite us to go inward (into our own darkness, fear, longing, etc.) in order to strengthen our capacity to move outward (into our communities, families, etc.).

Psychic Membranes© help us to reflect on where our boundaries are, what nourishes and supports us, and what we need to remove from our lives. When we strengthen our Psychic Membranes, we have a deeper understanding of our own worth and sovereignty, we get better at asking for what we need, and we recognize what nourishes us and depletes us.

Here’s an outline of the video lessons:

Lesson 1: Your Primary Needs (what they are and how they’re threatened)
Lesson 2: When Disruption Happens (liminal space, cognitive dissonance, and your unmet needs)
Lesson 3: Reaction or Response (your physiological reaction to disruption)
Lesson 4: Choosing your Response (learning practices that change the story)
Lesson 5: Disruption as Invitation (resilience, transformation, and growth)
Lesson 6: Your Psychic Membrane (holding space for yourself)
Lesson 7: The Bowl (holding space for others)

You will learn new practices in holding space.

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Cost: Pay what you can

While the suggested cost is $250 CAD, we want to make this program as accessible as possible for everyone who needs it – because there are a lot of people who need it right now in these disruptive times. You can pay whatever you can afford. We really hope that it will be of benefit to you!


“Heather Plett is a gentle, caring soul with the capacity to support and hold space while you navigate your journey (both personal and professional) to a better self.”

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– Abby Mosher, Tomorrow’s Rainbow