supportive conversations for your growth and potential

Powerful coaching/mentorship conversations for self-reflective people who are striving to live authentically and courageously while putting meaningful things into the world

Exciting news! I am re-opening my coaching/mentorship practice and accepting a limited number of clients! I am available for one-on-one sessions, and will also be running a group coaching/mentorship circle called Time to do the Brave Thing.

I took a hiatus from this work several years ago when I turned my attention toward writing books and developing programs for the Centre for Holding Space. But lately I’ve felt the nudge to return to it, so here I am, ready to work with you!

How can I help you live a courageous & authentic life?

Hi! I’m Heather, and I am delighted to be offering one-on-one coaching again! This is where my work in Holding Space began, and this is where I’ve returned, because I believe there is little more powerful for helping us make changes, step into courage & liberation, and create beautiful things than deep and meaningful conversations, accompanied by somatic/creative/spiritual practices. Once in awhile we might be lucky enough to have one of those conversations happen organically, but, in my experience, the especially potent conversations, with just the right questions and practices, need to be planned and masterfully held.


Why should you hire me as your coach?

  • I have many years of experience as a coach, facilitator, leadership consultant, and retreat host. I excel at supporting other people’s giftedness and self-discovery.
  • I am a globally renowned expert on Holding Space, wrote an award-winning book called The Art of Holding Space, and have trained hundreds of people all over the world how to deepen their practice of Holding Space.
  • I’ve also written a book called Where Tenderness Lives, and have focused some of my work in recent years on supporting people in learning to be more tender with themselves (and others).
  • As the co-founder of the Centre for Holding Space, I’ve developed many training programs including our well-respected Holding Space Foundation Program and Certification Program, and have built a global team of people who deliver our programs. 
  • I have coached a wide range of people, including those working at the highest levels of government, non-profit, academia, and business, and have countless testimonials attesting to the value of my work with them. 
  • My work on Holding Space has been incorporated into training programs all over the world, including a mindfulness program at UCLA, a nursing school program in New Zealand, and numerous courses for coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, death doulas, managers, etc.
  • I have trained with some of the world’s leading experts on coaching, leadership, personal development, and group process, including people like Meg Wheatley, Christina Baldwin, David Drake, Peter Block, Otto Scharmer, and Jerry Granelli. 
  • I am warm, curious, imaginative and adventurous. I thrive in exploration and creativity and will happily walk alongside you as you explore what’s possible for you. 
  • I consider myself an Ambassador for Tenderness. I will treat you with tenderness and will encourage you to be tender with yourself. That doesn’t mean I won’t also push you occasionally, or ask challenging questions, but I’ll do my best to invoke tenderness in our sessions.

Explore the future with tenderness & courage.

Jo – headshot – circle

“My growth through Heather’s courses, retreats and coaching has been deeply gratifying, transformational, and painfully messy. I have found it impossible to engage the material without engaging my heart, my soul, and my emotions. I was challenged to reconsider my view of self, my world view, and my biases. There was ‘ugh’, swear words, and tears. There was also laughter, joy, and connection.

“There was freedom to find my own path and to make this a deeply personal journey. But there was also plenty of support along the journey and I found every step honored and fostered by Heather and the Center for Holding Space.” – Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard, university professor

I believe:

  • You are wise, good, strong, kind, and brave. When you forget that, I’m going to help you remember.
  • A wise question can open the door to your untapped wisdom and potential. I specialize in asking the questions you might not think to ask yourself.
  • Disconnection (from each other, the natural world, and our bodies) is one of the greatest problems in the world today. I will support you in becoming more connected. 
  • Tenderness is a revolutionary way to treat yourself in a world that is so often focused on productivity, performance and perfectionism. I will support you in being more tender with yourself.
  • There is beauty and strength in slowness, rest, contemplation, and smallness. I may occasionally encourage you to slow down rather than ramp up.
  • That being said, when it’s time to move into action, produce good work, take big leaps, and/or make radical changes, I am there for it, as long as it’s right for you and you do it in a balanced and self-honouring way. 
  • There is nothing more powerful than people living in their own authenticity and integrity. I will support your journey toward aliveness, authenticity, integrity and joy. 
  • The dominant culture may devalue certain bodies and privilege others, but I am committed to co-creating a more equitable and joy-filled world where each body has worth and beauty. As a fat, queer, neurodivergent woman, I especially love to work with those who might not fit the dominant paradigm and those who see themselves as edgewalkers and trailblazers.

Transformation begins when the right question is asked.

Who should work with me?

  •  Conscientious leaders and visionaries who want to strengthen their leadership capacity and breathe life into their visions.
  • Anyone with a big dream who needs the right accompaniment to bring that dream into reality. 
  • Anyone wishing to live more a more authentic and courageous life that might be a departure from what’s acceptable in their family-of-origin or community-of-origin.
  • Activists, organizers, trailblazers and community leaders who are passionate about justice, equity, and the co-creation of a better world.
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators developing beautiful ideas meant to make the world better. 
  • Those who are willing to do deep self-reflection, to challenge themselves, to disrupt the status quo, to deconstruct old belief systems and to take courageous steps toward a better future.
  • Those who work in any field that involves Holding Space for other people (therapists, educators, ministers, leaders, health care providers, coaches, etc.).
  • Those who have already done personal growth & healing work and are ready to go to the next level of their life’s calling.

“If your heart longs for connection with the beauty of life lived in truth then you will find challenge, fulfilment and joy in Heather’s work. It is nothing less than a vision of a new humanity.”
– Helena del Pino, minister and yoga teacher, England

Here’s what you can expect from me:

I am a great cheerleader of your potential. I love walking alongside people as they heal, grow, transform, thrive, and find joy.
– I am not afraid of your darkness, trauma, pettiness, or anger. I will hold space for you to experience it and I won’t try to fix it. If necessary, I will help you find practices that support emotional regulation, and will ask questions that help you move through the dark stuff.
– I am committed to exploring the intersection between personal responsibility and systemic complexity. I believe we are shaped by the systems we were born into and I will incorporate that belief into our sessions.
– When you say something like “I am lazy” or “I’m not smart enough”, I might ask a question like “who benefits from you believing that?” to help you see the larger narrative that may be at play.
– I will support you in deconstructing old beliefs if they do not support your authentic and joyful life, and I will help you make courageous choices in opening yourself to new beliefs.
– I weave elements of creative practice, somatic practice and nature-based practice into my work, so you might leave a coaching conversation with homework like “move your body” or “sit with a tree” or “make a messy collage”. It won’t always make sense to your cognitive mind, but when you trust the process, more often than not, something meaningful will emerge.
– While I am committed to supporting healing and self-exploration, I am not a therapist and when I believe that’s what you need instead of a coach, I will suggest that to you.
– I support the sovereignty, autonomy and right to consent of everyone I work with (and myself), so you will never be pushed or coerced into doing something that doesn’t feel right or is out of integrity for you. You will always have the right to choose another path than the one I suggest.
– I honour good boundaries in coaching relationships. We will work together to ensure that there is a healthy, ethical coach/coachee relationship. (In the language of my book, The Art of Holding Space, we will honour each other’s membrane.) 

“I consider Heather’s work to be among the same elite category of those whom I admire and follow as True Revolutionaries and Trail Blazers such as Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Daniel Pink, Dr, Jane Vella, Howard Gardner, & Malcolm Gladwell.” – Ali Javed Naqvi

Ready to work with me? If you want to dive right in, register now and you’ll be sent a link to fill out an intake form and book your first session.

If you want to start with a free half-hour exploratory session with me to see if we’re the right fit, use this link to book a Zoom call.

One session: $200 CAD
Three sessions: $500 CAD
Six sessions: $900 CAD

I am accepting a limited number of clients on a first-come-first-served basis. If you feel I might not be the right fit for you, or my fee is not within your budget, but you still want coaching, check out what’s offered from two of our highly-skilled master practitioners, Emily or Lucy.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to reach out through our contact page, or at [email protected].

Cancellation policy: If you change your mind at least a week before our first session, you will receive a refund. If you’ve booked multiple sessions and decide after the first session that you don’t want/need further sessions, you’ll receive a refund less $200 for the session used. If either of us feels, at any point in the process, that it’s not a good fit, we can mutually decide to discontinue and you will be refunded, less $200/session completed.

A note about ethics:  Since the coaching and self-help industries are unregulated, and we believe that clients should  have a right to expect safe and ethical spaces where practitioners are held accountable for their actions, we have signed on to the Seek Safely promise. We are committed to a practice that is  truthful, accurate, respectful,  protective, safe, and guided by integrity.  


“In just a few minutes Heather invited me to a level of both creativity and deep thought that was invaluable. My brain is working on overdrive almost all of the time, so to be invited into an experience that provided me insights while NOT working so hard at it? Gift beyond compare.”   – Ronna Detrick