Holding Space


We offer a variety of training programs, both online and in-person, and will be growing this list in the coming years. If you’re looking for training on the basics of how to hold space, check out our Foundation Program in the Path to Certification. If your organization would like to invite us to develop a tailored training program, check out our page on Holding Space for Organizations.

Here’s what else is in the works:

How to Hold Space for your own
Discomfort when there is Disruption

In this self-study course, designed especially for these complex times when there seems to be a new disruption nearly every week, Heather Plett will support you in deepening your capacity to hold space for yourself in the midst of your discomfort. Two of the concepts she’ll use (which were developed for her workshops and book) will be the Spiral of Authenticity© and Psychic Membranes©.

The Spiral of Authenticity© helps us understand how we move from the early developmental stages of our lives (when we sacrificed our identities in our quest for safety and belonging) into a deepening authenticity where we dare to live with more open hearts. This teaching was inspired by her many years of walking labyrinths all over the world and reflecting on how they invite us to go inward (into our own darkness, fear, longing, etc.) in order to strengthen our capacity to move outward (into our communities, families, etc.).

Psychic Membranes© help us to reflect on where our boundaries are, what nourishes and supports us, and what we need to remove from our lives. When we strengthen our Psychic Membranes, we have a deeper understanding of our own worth and sovereignty, we get better at asking for what we need, and we recognize what nourishes us and depletes us.

This course consists of four videos which are each accompanied by prompts for writing and creative and body practices.

Gold Swoosh

“I consider Heather’s work to be among the same elite category of those whom I admire and follow as True Revolutionaries and Trail Blazers such as Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Daniel Pink, Dr, Jane Vella, Howard Gardner, & Malcolm Gladwell.”

– Ali Javed Naqvi