“This is an amazing course. We dive deep and hold each other bravely. If your heart longs for connection with the beauty of life lived in truth then you will find challenge, fulfillment and joy in this course. It is nothing less than a vision of a new humanity.” – Helena del Pino, minister and yoga teacher, U.K.

“This program helped me on my path to recover, claim, and express more of my authenticity in the never-ending spiral of personal growth, and learn how to hold space for others to do the same. And I met some new best friends along the way.” – Toni Kellar, U.S.

“This program brought deeper meaning and understanding to how I could share the gift of “being with” someone who needs time and room to discover and engage with the chaos of their Life in the moment, touching each other’s soul, forever changing that Someone AND me.” – Annelle Brown Taylor, labyrinth facilitator, U.S.

“This course allowed me to access the deepest parts that I had safely hidden away to deal with “the real world”. It offered a regular pause to allow my truth to come forward and find a voice. The materials, meetings and book offer different ways to experience the gentle yet powerful lessons. As a result, I am travelling lighter, happier and continue to use the tools to release other trappings that no longer serve me nor the world I live in. Thanks and great respect for this work.” – Dawn Roe, U.K.

“I signed up for the Program to have a collective experience with like hearted and like minded individuals willing to experiment with a new way of being. I was tentative and when I checked in with myself deeply I felt a calling that was undeniable. I chose to listen….and was transformed by the experience.” – Tracey Brant, U.S.

“As a coach and circle practitioner, I took this course to practice and expand the ability to hold space when emotions, topics, and triggers cause chaos, fear, or deep pain. It broadened my understanding of what it means to hold space and best practices for doing that. I use these concepts and skills in every setting of my life. I particularly appreciate how it enhances and refines how I approach my role as coach.” – Jennifer Johnson Crew, coach/facilitator U.S.

“The consistency of a weekly call allowed me to build habits around the content…allowing for real integration of new understandings.” – Brenda Barritt, Canada

“Did I learn much new? No. Was it worth every dollar? Yes! Because it enabled me to give words to what every person should know in interpersonal relationships. Because it deepened my coaching practice tremendously. Because Heather Plett and team are just awesome!!!” – Franky de Cooman, Belgium

“In the chaos of pandemic life, I was uncertain if I would be able to truly engage with new learning & practice (& more zoom time). The Foundation Program became a highlight of my weeks and not only did I find space for deep personal growth & new awareness, I also was able to apply the work immediately into my professional life as a teacher & facilitator.” – Susan Snyder, U.S.

“Making the commitment to Heather’s Holding Space practitioner program was an investment in my continued learning the art & practice of hosting. As Covid-19 shifted my in-person work to completely online, I found the months of participating in Zoom spaces of inquiry and empathy inspired how I invited my clients, colleagues and friends to gather remotely. Practicing the process that creates the container for Brave Space is essential.” – Gretchen Krampf, U.S.

“What I realised through holding space about myself was that to hold space well I had to hold myself really well. I learned how to step out of judgment and into deep curiosity of myself and others. I learned how to listen and be present to the experiences of others without overlaying my stuff on them.” – Moze Crozier, Australia

“The framework and structure of this course not only nurtured a safe and brave space for my classmates and me to learn and grow, but the work itself, facilitated by Heather and her extraordinary team of leaders taught us how to hold space in a virtual realm, which gave birth to a depth of heartfelt and international connection. None of us imagined, when we signed on, that the work we would do would help prepare us for life in a pandemic. Furthermore, the personal deep dive through which we were guided during the module on Holding Space in Complexity, put us ahead of the curve as we move with great care through what feels like an extraordinary world transformation. If you are feeling drawn to this work without a strong sense of reason, just know that your soul is ready to move through liminal space and into the glory of an expansive new beginning.” – Melissa Baker, U.S.

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