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Journal writing has always been the most meaningful way that Heather has explored her own reflections on what it means to hold space, and so she has designed this journal for you to do the same. Created as a companion to the book The Art of Holding Space: A Practice of Love, Liberation, and Leadership, this journal is specially designed to support your personal exploration and growth as you learn to hold space for others and for yourself. In the first few pages of the journal, there are three or four journal prompts for each chapter of the book. Sprinkled throughout the journal are quotes from the book to further inspire your reflection.

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Pathfinder JOURNAL


This creative journal was a precursor to Heather’s work on Holding Space, and it’s especially relevant for those who are on a journey to discovering who they are and how they’re meant to serve the world. Heather often says “I write for the woman I was ten years ago”. This was written during her days working as a coach and facilitator, when she was working with many people who were struggling to find what path they should follow, and she reflected on what had supported her, ten years earlier. Though she didn’t yet use the term “liminal space” when developing the journal, that’s exactly what this journal was designed to support – that space in your life when you’ve let go of an old story and haven’t yet emerged into the new story. The journal is full of writing prompts and creative prompts that help you sit with discomfort, find your community, and clarify what you value. Threaded throughout the journal is a playful story of a caterpillar wandering through the woods trying to discover the purpose she was born for.

“There is a moment at the beginning of each Holding Safer Spaces training, where a bell is rung twice, with a pause in between. The bell is used to help participants ground themselves in their space and become fully present to the conversation at hand. This seems like a simple, ‘no big deal’ type of thing, but honestly that simple pause between the bells has probably led to some of my deepest learning over the past months.”
– Val Rathjen.

Ethical Sourcing Policy

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