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Life is never as linear as the calendar might suggest. We move in and out and back and forth, learning and relearning, passing through grief, joy, complexity, fear, disruption, ease – and all of the states in between. Here at the Centre for Holding Space, we want to offer you some reflections for The Spiral Path you’re on, to help you hold space for yourself while you hold space for others.

Orienting Toward Joy

by Heather Plett Two weeks ago, I facilitated a retreat in Costa Rica, and our last session before wrapping up was focused on joy. We talked about how tenderness and liberation lead us toward joy and how that joy can sustain us even when pain and suffering come. Joy...

Peace is an Action

Peace is an Action

by Emily Gillies When I think of peace, I think how over the years I have noticed a trend in the “meditation” and “self-help” realms where the images and the descriptions we are invited to associate with peace are focused on perfectly tranquil images, likely including...

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